The matrincha


                                                     THE MATRINCHA

                                       brycon s.p.p of the characidae family





Also called moloko in french Guiana, this common-looking fish is a kind of tropical counterpart of the creek-chub, including a similar behaviour, with a propensity for fruits, seeds, but also insects, larvas, baitfish, shrimps. Distrust  and spooky like the chub, it's highly recommended to pursuit it with redskin's tricks.

The tackle:

n° 9 rod, floating or intermediate line, effective reel with a disc- brake, and a good length of backing, because our client is a real street-fighter that can easely weight or even exceed 10 pounds. And don't forget to use a 30 to 50 Lbs hard mono or flurocarbon shock-tippet: the jaw of the matrincha, armed with human-like molars is a real vise.

The technique:

Exactly like salmonids fishing: sight nymphing in the currents, when the condtions of clarity of the water are good, or with streamers. The matrincha moves in schools whose number of individuals is inversely proportional to their size... like the creek chub.

The flies:

fry-flies ( clousers, surf-candies), bonefish flies, weighted nymphs, permit crabs ( freshwater crabs are very frequent in Amazonia)


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