The dog-fish


                                                                 THE DOG-FISH


                                                               acestrynchus s.p.p of the characidae family


One more sharpen teethed characidae, called peixe cachorro ( dog-fish) in Brazil, not to be confounded with the cachorra ( Payara), other  huge jaws' owner. This kind of mini freshwater barracuda is incredibly agressive, and active. Constantly marauding along the grassy benches and foliages, he will not let the slightest respite to your flies. The only thing we could regret about it, is not to weight some pounds more, what would make it a game fish of prime order as the bicuda of which it shares the same name in many places of Amazonia where it is sometimes also called saicanga.

The tackle:

A n° 6 rod would be sufficient for this fish whose weight doesn't exceed 2 pounds, but as it swims in the same places than other fellows infinitely more serious, it's better not to descend bellow the n° 8.

The technique:

There is not a specific technique for the dog-fish, still considered as an intruder that tirelessy attacks flies that are not destined to it. And passed its first captures that may be funny, especially when one discovers this fish, one rapidly tends to whish to know or  to send it elsewhere.

The flies:

All flies and poppers, whatever their size and appearance are always attacked and damaged with anyone complex.



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