Oscars, acaras


                                                          OSCARS, ACARAS

                                                    astronotus s.p.p, hopiarchus psittacus of the cichlid family




                                        oscar or acara açu

These aquarium hobbyist's cichlids are in spite of a relatively small size that can only reach 2 pounds, very entertaining game-fishes. Still ambushed in the rocks and sunken dead wood in the lakes and still areas of the rivers, catching one of these tiny cichlids is more anecdotal than intentional or targeted. But with their worth defense always surprising according to their weight, and their superb range of colours, these nice fishes will agrement your fishing parties of some pleasant surprises.

The tackle:

n° 8 rod, floating or intermediate line. A less powerfull rod would be sufficient for fishing acaras, but it's better to take some precautions in Amazonia, because the acaras are not the only ones that swim in acara places...


                                  acara papagaio ( parrot) black

The technique:

Exactly like for the peacock-bass

The flies:

Flies, streamers of small and medium size, clousers, surf-candies.



                                                         acara "pirarucu "




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